5 Easy Ways to Switch to A Plant-Based Diet Right Away

Out with all the diet fads you’ve heard so far. Here’s the new plant-based diet that is catching the fitness enthusiasts’ attention and tips on how you can switch to it right away. By Ridhika Bora

A plant-based diet isn’t as grave as it sounds. It simply puts emphasis on foods primarily derived from plants as your source of nutrients. Apart from focusing on fruits and vegetables, a plant-based diet includes tubers, legumes (cereals), nuts, seeds, oils, and whole grains in your diet. Research says that plant-based diet plays a significant role in lowering the risk of and managing diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, and cancer, while weight management becomes easier.

plant based diet
  1. Start Slow with Add-Ons

Pick a handful of plants, seeds, pulses to add to your existing recipes. Add boiled beans to your go-to salad recipe, chia seeds to your mixed fruit shake, nuts to your Indian lunch, or a tinge of coconut oil and curry leaves to your chicken dish. Reduce to one egg and bread at breakfast and add a small of oatmeal. Have different dishes every week by switching the plant-based ingredient so that you don’t get bored. Don’t forget that it’s all about progressing and not perfecting!

2. Make Easy Meat Switches

If you’re a carnivore, cutting down on your meat intake may become a bit of an ordeal. Change the way you think about meat; use it to garnish a vegetarian salad instead of making meat the central ingredient. Cut down on that bacon at breakfast (keep the sausages if you wish) and trick your mind and body to adapt to these changes. Don’t like veggies at all? Add a freshly sliced bowl of fruits to your meal or harness its deliciousness to make mixed fruit smoothies when you get those mid-day hunger pangs.

3. Equip your kitchen with Colourful Utensils

Understanding how to make your food taste great while still being healthy and wholesome can be challenging. As much as you experiment with new recipes and try to recreate restaurant food at home, equipping the kitchen with the right kind of utensils and cutlery is important. Make an environment that draws you in—get those colourful spatulas, printed plates, and invest in gourmet herbs that will make you want to garnish that green lettuce

plant based diet

4. Create Easy Habits

Trying to switch to something vaguely different will exhaust you and make the activity quite repulsive to come back to. Small changes are hard to notice, even for your body! Like morning tea? Soymilk is the way to go! Instead of the commercial potato chips that you take with beer on game night, snack on banana, kale or oatmeal chips! Keep these foods easily accessible in your bag, drawers, and fridge.

5. Embrace Soups and Stews

As you get older and more health-conscious, stews and soups will be your best friend. Meat stews are great because they use less oil to prepare. Make it a little plant-based by adding some bok choy, lettuce, and vinegar to it and bringing a nice Asian touch to your homely broth.


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