Sunil Sikhri’s Diary on How to Stay Fit at 60

“My mission has always been to transform from ordinary to extraordinary in anything and everything we do.”-SUNIL SIKRI


Sixty-three-year-old Devil Slayer Sunil Sikri’s story of transformation motivates us all to follow our dreams at any age. An inhabitant of Delhi, Sikri is a Chemistry teacher with over 30 years of experience in India and the US. Back in the day, he also studied journalism and cleared his IAS Mains.

Sikri recalls having started becoming more conscious about his lifestyle during his teaching days in New York. He realised that he had been living in a state of ignorance and that education was not enough to craft a healthy and productive life.

His biggest influence, he says, came from the books he read, on motivation, self-improvement, positive thinking, health, wisdom, and spirituality. The books moved him to bring life changes and over a course of 20 years that followed, transformed him into a runner and yoga enthusiast.

Sunil sikri-devil's circuit

A Power Ball of Energy

Sikri’s friends describe him as a power ball of energy and a bubbling enthusiast with a big vision. His energy is so contagious, that his friends look up to him for inspiration when setting out to achieve their own goals.

“I’m 63 years old this year and I feel that my journey has just begun. I wish to inspire many more people towards a healthier, more positive, and happier India through my YouTube videos and the initiative Run India.”

Sikri’s journey to running long distances began in as late as December 2017 when his daughter registered him for a 5 km run at Nehru Park and there has been no stopping since. Last year was his first time at Devils Circuit; even his daughter was sceptical about him participating at first. But obstacle racing was a new and exciting experience that he wanted to explore, and he took it up as a challenge to test himself, knowing fully well that he wasn’t a professional and could get injured. Much to his happiness, he not only crossed the finish line having tried most obstacles, save for a few bruises, Sikri was as good as new!

Sunil Sikri- devils circuit

A Word to the Wise

Here are the top five things he wishes to tell the youth today:

  • The sedentary lifestyle that the youth is leading today should be done away with and this can happen when they get out of their comfort zones.
  • Kids today aren’t aware of the fundamentals of health and fitness and must give as much priority to their health as their profession.
  • A good 7 to 8 hours of sleep is important for the functioning of the brain
  • Cutting down on coffee and tea in the workplace is imperative.
  • Switch to nutrient-rich and organic food and avoid over-eating.
  • Healthy eating habits are the key to good health. “If you’re not healthy, you won’t enjoy any of your successes.”

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