5 Music Apps for Fitness That Every Phone Should Have

Listening to the right kind of music during your workout can help boost your energy and motivate you to perform better. Here are some music apps for fitness that have the capacity to match your tempo with awesome global playlists. By Ridhika Bora


1.Rock My Run

music app for fitness

This app provides music for both running and fitness. Some of the DJ’s from around the world create playlists from different genres and enlist them here. Also, one doesn’t have to worry about the Internet, as you can play music offline too. its one of the best music apps for fitness. This app is available for Android & IOS.


2.ZIN Play

music app for fitness

This app is designed for Zumba fitness. It tracks your keywords and gives you music suggestions based on your searches. You can also customise your tracks and make your own playlist which is accessible offline. This app is available in Android & IOS.


3.Yoga Music Meditation Sounds

music app for fitness

This app has a superb collection of sounds for yoga and relaxation. It provides soothing music that has a peaceful and relaxing effect. It offers ample music to choose from. This app is available for Android, IOS.


4.Workout Music 2019


music app for fitness

One of the best workout music apps for gym goers, Workout Music 2019 offers over 1,000 workout music hits from around the world. It is best suited for those who are weight training or on a weight loss journey and need pumping sounds during their workout. This app is available for Android.


5. Spring Moves

music app for fitness

If you’re a runner, jogger, or brisk walker, Spring Moves is the right app for you. It offers different playlists for running and walking and caters to different speeds or rhythms.It helps catering to your own taste and rhythm. This app is only accessible to IOS users.


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