Here’s How You Can Bounce Back Stronger After a Sports Injury

Sports injuries can be critical to the life and career of sportspeople if not dealt with in the right manner. Here are 7 things to follow if you’ve suffered a sports injury recently and are looking to bounce back stronger than before. By Ridhika Bora

1. Go Slow, Track Progress

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The most natural thought that comes to one’s mind right after an injury is, “How soon can I start training again? Will it ever be the same?” The instinct is to go back to your usual routine after a sports injury. Rule number one, you shouldn’t get back to doing any workout before you know what exactly is wrong. Take it real slow because straining your body might lead to another injury. You can gradually proceed to increase the intensity. Keep a track of your progress alongside your training and try to do better each time.

2. Set Small Goals.

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When you’re aiming for specific fitness goals like running a marathon or an obstacle run, it is frustrating to have a setback and not follow your fitness routines. But even during your road to recovery, you can set small goals without harming your body. Cardio, which has low impact to your body like swimming or cycling can be switched to as alternatives. They aren’t as straining as running. Set small goals that you can achieve and you can still be fit without having to miss out on exercise.

3.Recovery Needs Patience.

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The process of getting back to normal would need time and the healing process is different for everybody. Some might recover faster as compared to others, but you need to be patient and give time to your body for self-healing. Rest and recovery are important for the body to return safely to normal.

4. Consult a Sports Doctor.

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For a sportsperson, this may be the most critical part of the healing process. If you’re into professional sports, it is important for you to consult a sports doctor and not just any renowned orthopedic. Sports doctors first focus on the root of your injury and not just relocation, pain relief, and healing.

5.Stop if Pain Gets Worse.

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We often come across advice to ‘walk it off’. Make sure that you’re not blindly trying to work your engine even when the pain gets worse. Know your body and be honest about how much you can pull through. Don’t try or expect to bounce back just because you’re bored of being on rest for a long time. Rest and recovery are important, and one needs to give time to their body to heal.

6.Cross Training.

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Cross training helps you recover fast. It involves doing a variety of activities for different parts of your body. This way one can stay fit and at the same time the part of your body that is injured regains strength. Also, it helps you avoid injuries in the future.

7.Physical Trauma Leads to Mental Trauma.

sports injury

For sportspeople, a physical injury can be scarring mentally because their life depends on it. A sports person feels a sense of trauma and are in denial to accept the reality. Sometimes, they even adapt to unhealthy food habits. Keeping a positive attitude can help you a speedy recovery and healing process can be faster and lessen your emotional pain.

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